Family Association Harm and Hille Oldebusch

Sippenverband Harm und Hille Oldebusch

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The statutes of our Family Association

§1 Name
The name of the association is "Family Association Harm and Hille Oldebusch".

§2 Purpose
The purpose of the association is to nurture a feeling of togetherness and to maintain our family traditions. Within this framework, personal contacts and Family Research shall be enhanced, Family Days will be held, and the connection between the emigrants and their home will be maintained.

§3 Membership
Member of the Family Association, may be bearers of the name Ohlebusch, Ohlenbusch, Ohldebusch, Oldenbush Olenbush, and persons and their spouses, that descended from them.
Applications must be filed in writing.

Membership is terminated other than by death

Honorary Membership
Honorary President and Honorary members are appointed by resolution of the General Assembly upon recommendation of the Board.

§4 Organs
The Units of the Family Association are: The General Assembly is responsible for: The General Assembly decides and elects by a simple majority vote. Each member has one vote. Proxy voting is allowed.

The board decides the time and place of a General Meeting, which is usually held at the occasion of a family day. The general meeting is convened by the Chairman, stating the agenda at least two months in advance. Articles initiated by the members must be submitted at least two weeks before the meeting. Articles submitted after this can only be dealt with if the General Assembly decides their urgency. Proposals to amend the constitution shall be deemed as not urgent.

§5 Board, President, Treasurer
The Board offices are honorary. Expenses shall be refunded within reason.
The president may delegate the business management. Due diligence is required of the entire board. If the president is unable to attend to the duties, the first Vice-President will take charge. If he is also prevented, then the 2nd Vice-President takes over.
The funds are managed by the treasurer of the Family Association. He is obligated to report annually to the board.

§6 Liability
Every member himself is liable to legal transactions with third parties. If several members are involved they are jointly responsible.

§7 Family Day
The Family Day is a meeting of voting members and their families and guests. It should take place at least every five years. The Board decides about time, place and program. The President invites you to the Family Day. The invitation can also be part of a "family letter", which is to disseminate the latest family news happenings.

§8 Membership fee
The annual membership fee as set by the General Assembly is due in the first three months of the fiscal year. The fiscal year is the calendar year.
Our Family Association uses Account No. 030-2 16337 of the National Savings Bank, Oldenburg (BLZ 280 501 00) for money order transfers.